Why are you not using Apple Pay?

Organization: Apple Inc.

Industry: Technology

CEO: Tim Cook

Web References: WikipediaApple, CNET, SoundCloud, YouTube

apple-pay-tim-cookApple Pay is a convenient way to make payments at contactless points of sale and in iOS apps.  It was originally announced in 2014 at the iPhone 6 event.  This service allows your Apple device to communicate with POS system.  The app uses a dedicated chip that stores Apple’s Touch ID, Wallet as will as encrypted payment information.  Using the Touch ID at the appropriate time when checking out.  This helps to keep your payment information safe and private from the retailer using a dynamic security code that it creates for each transaction.

Some might wonder why the iPhone 5S will not work with Apple Pay, and the anwser is simple, your 5S does not have the SE chip to generate the randomized 16-didgit code needed to transmit you credit or debit card number.  There is a full list of participating banks and store cards right on Apples website.


Now for the million dollar question, is Apple Pay secure?  I would definitely say the answer to that is yes.  Apple Pay will protect you card and personal information and does not collect any transaction data.  Looking at the Apple Pay security and privacy overview on their website should help with any reservations you may have about using it.  If you have an iPhone 6 or above, you are probably familiar with the Touch ID to make iTune purchases.  Apple Pay uses the same process.  In addition to the chip that stores the data on the secure element and it is never put on your phones software.

In these videos, you will see how easy it is to set up and pay for your retail and in-app purchases.

USA Today’s Talking Tech discusses Apple Pay.  Jefferson Graham, a Los Angeles based tech columnist for USA Today talks with Ed Baig, and American technology columnist and reviews the newest gadgets and tech.  They talk about the reality of mobile payments being “the next best thing.”

It is great if you are the type of person that runs out to get in line for the new iPhone every time on the first day it is released.  I myself am holding on to my old dilapidated iPhone.   I mean, I am still paying for this thing, so for now, this iPhone 5S in my pocket will have to do.  I mean, like really?  Can we afford to upgrade our phones every year to keep up with the ever changing technology?  I know I can’t unless 4XEM is going to increase my salary…by a lot!



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