Well this is going to cost us a small fortune!

Untitled-1Do you remember when I asked the question, what do you look for when buying earbuds?  We are giving away 50 sets!  The responses to our Facebook Ad was so incredible that we have been forced to expand the offer.


4XEM would like to thank you for participating in our ground breaking Facebook offer of a free set of our newly launched earbuds. These new earphones are the first samples of several earphone designs we plan to roll out over the next several months, and we are pleased that you took us up on our offer of for free earbuds.

However, we had not planned on the incredible response we would receive from our offer.
We originally limited the offer to the first 50 respondents. The excitement at our office relegated us to make a executive business decision that would benefit all respondents to our offer.
We simply decided to offer every single respondent to our offer a free set of earbuds.

Your free set of earbuds and thousands of others should begin shipping next week.

Is this a scam or does the offer come with a catch?  Not a scam but there is a catch!

We simply would like you to complete a short survey of ten questions in relation to the quality, design and functionality of the earphones.
A link to a survey will be emailed to you soon after you have received the earphones.  If you can’t wait…here is the survey link.


4XEM would also request that you  Facebook_LikeUs_Icon and share our offer with your friends and family. (I mean isn’t that the least you could do?)  Subsequent offers will only appear on our Facebook page.  Did you know…you can now shop directly from our Facebook page?  I know right, how cool is that!

Here is a glimpse of what we expect to offer over the coming months.

October– Free smartphones chargers

November– Android TV Box discount offer.

December- Free smartphone cables



Please visit www.4xem.com for more information on the many products we offer. Our product line includes a huge selection of mobile accessories, VGA, DVI, Display port, Audio, USB, Fiber and HDMI cables and adapters, networking equipment, structured cabling and server rack solutions.

Many of our products are available through retailers such as www.Walmart.com, www.bestbuy.com, www.staples.com, www.newegg.com, www.amazon.com and many other online retailers.
Again thank you for participating in our free earphone offer.


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