Have you taken the plunge to Windows 10?

I just upgraded to Windows 10.  I am not sure if I should be excited or scared…or both!  One thing is for sure, the larger icons and seemingly larger font sure make it a little easier for my aging eyes!

Microsoft has made Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for people with windows 7/8

Windows-10-New-Security-Mechanism-to-ditch-Patch-TuesdayLet me start by saying, do not try and upgrade when you are supposed to be working and writing a blog!  I was shut down for about 90 minutes while this PC upgraded to Windows 10.  I really hope my boss is not reading my blog.

With a new look, new apps and a new browser, I am not yet 100% sure I have made the right decision to upgrade.  I am sure if I was not eligible for the free upgrade, I may not have spent the $99.99 to purchase it.  After all, I was very comfortable with my Windows 7 and so far feature wise, it looks like it is a blend of Windows 7 and Windows 8

Jerry Nixon, an employee at Microsoft explains when Microsoft was releasing Windows 8.1 last year, they were in the background developing Windows 10.  Now with Windows 10, there is no secret update coming next.  It will all be Windows 10.  Microsoft has been talking about Windows as a service.  Maybe this will be some sort of subscription and allow Microsoft to get residual yearly income from each of us.  I don’t think Windows will be dead, but the version numbers may be.

Now you may ask…should I upgrade to Windows 10?  Well, it is free but that should not determine whether or not you want the upgrade.  Your basic personal needs should be the deciding factor.  Myself, I installed it just so I would have something to write about in this blog.  (and because I was eligible to upgrade for free).  Everyone likes free stuff right?

It’s free and support will continue until October 2020 with extended support until October 2025.  So if you are thinking about upgrading…you had better do so before July 29th/2016.  That is 12 months after the release date at which time you will have to pay full retail for the upgrade.

Now, if your the gamer that I mentioned before, wasting your life away on your Xbox One in mommy’s basement, you may want to upgrade!

thDirectX 12 is the main reason for gamers to upgrade to Windows 10.  You are looking at a 10-20% performance gain over DirectX 11 so why wouldn’t you upgrade?  DX12 will be the future of PC gamers and a Xbox One owner can stream games directly to PC’s and laptops.  Crank up your home WiFi so you don’t experience any lag.

I’m sure I will come up with many reasons not to upgrade, once I have had a chance to use all the features.  On the other hand, I may just get used to it.

By Ken Lupton



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