A Dock Extender Makes Connecting Your Apple Gear That Much Easier

4xemdockextenderHere’s the situation — You’ve got butterfingers. The thought of dropping your beloved iPhone on the pavement one more time makes your insides flop about. So you get yourself a sturdy protective case, one that can withstand your gravity challenged ways. But, sturdy also means bulky and now docking your iPhone with your home stereo means fiddling around to remove the case just so you can hear What Does The Fox Say one more time. No fair!

Time to look at a Dock Extender.

Charge and sync docking stations, portable speaker docks, Bose home stereos — hooking up your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod to these is a pain if you keep your iDevice in a protective case. Often the bulk and padding of the casing makes it so your iDevice doesn’t fit in the designated docking port. A handy Dock Extender gives you the extra wiggle room to make sure everything works.

4X30PINEXTShort or Long?
There’s a two inch stubby dock extender or the longer cable model. Which one is right for you? If your iDevice fits in the docking station with its case on, but connecting it is a hassle because the bulk won’t let it sit flush, then the 2 inch stubby version is all you need. This little adapter adds a little space between your case-ensconced dock connector and the dock itself, allowing for a quick snap on connection.

deIf your armour clad device doesn’t fit at all in your docking station and 2 inches of wiggle room won’t cut it, go with a Dock Extender Cable. Ranging from 1 to 3 feet in length, a Dock Extender Cable will keep your iPhone out of the port altogether and beside your speakers or docking station. It’s not as elegant, but it works well and makes connecting a breeze. It’s also great should you just need some extra play between your iDevice and dock connection.

Hint: If you do go for the cable Dock Extender in the 30-Pin model, ensure you get the 17 core version which supports not only sync and charge, but audio and video transfer. Avoid the 4 core version which only does sync and charge. It’s kinda pointless and the price is usually not much different.

4XEM offers an Apple 30-Pin Dock Extension and Extension Cable option. Our Lightning version is coming soon.


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