It’s An Easy Charge & Sync With 4XEM’s 8 Pin Lightning Dock For iPhone 5/iPod Touch


Lock it in to 4XEM’s 8Pin Lightning Charge and Sync Dock

If you like to keep your iPhone 5 handy and visible while working at your desk, try out our 4XEM Lightning Charge & Sync Dock.

Simply connect the dock to your computer using a separate USB cable. Then click your iPhone 5 into the dock’s cradle and it’ll start charging and syncing with your computer. It also does audio out, so you can play music from your phone or iPod through your computer using iTunes. Perfect for a desk, the dock keeps your iPhone at a great reading angle so you can use it when you need to.

Combine it with one of our 4XEM AppleChargers and it makes a great alarm clock for the bedroom.  Place the dock on your bedside table and your iPhone will charge overnight and wake you up in time for work in the morning.

Available in white or black.  Be sure to check out the docking stations and more at

See Kenny from 4XEM run down the dock’s benefits on YouTube.

4XEM 8Pin Lightning Charge and Sync Dock For iPhone 5/iPod Touch
Link (White)
Link (Black)


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